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Gear Up – Tag Up – Show Up *Premeditated Evangelism*

PURPOSE: So people can know Jesus and the power of his resurrection (Phil 3:10)

IMPACT: The church and community - empowering those within by equipping them to share with those who are without.

GEAR UP: Equip the church – II Timothy 3:10-17

 Bible Study or Event – start or participate in a study or Event– so you can invite someone to come along.

 Courage – pray up and recognize the empowering of the resurrection as witnessed in Acts 3 and 4.

 Gear Up – get a new set of “Easter Clothes” – EmptyTombGear t-shirts, hats, jewelry, etc.

TAG UP: Resurrect curiosity and become the source of identification for these purposefully vague emblems and symbols of the Resurrection.

“TAG THE TOWN”  Decals everywhere with and without permission.  Car emblems – all families have several vehicles  Stencil – your curbs mailbox, fence  Media – Run ads in local papers, local cable channels, and billboards of just the symbol.  Electronic Media – place symbol in email signature line, myspace, facebook, etc

SHOW UP: Wear and Share

 On a designated day or days everyone in your study group or church agree to “gear” up and represent the resurrection, by wearing EmptyTombGear around town.

 Satisfying the “premeditated” curiosity generated by tagging the town. Each member will have a oppurtunity to share and invite others to hear the story of the Jesus and The Empty Tomb.

“I have seen that somewhere. What is it?” Now its up to you and God.