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Power Powder-Coated Necklace
Power Powder-Coated NecklacePower Powder-Coated Necklace
Power Powder-Coated Necklace
Item#: JNSTP
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Product Description
Power Powder-Coated Necklace

These necklace pieces at their core are made of 100% laser cut stainless steel. They are completely covered with durable, baked on powder-coat paint.

Fleck has a highly reflective grey/silver metallic finish.

Avalanche is white with streaks of black.

Silver Vein has random webs of bright silver mixed in black.

Copper Vein carries shiny pits of brown copper set in black.

Crust is a smattering of light and dark Bronze.

Avalanche, Silver Vein, Copper Vein and Crust have a hammer-toned textured feel.

Chains are made of 100% stainless steel with easy, comfortable and secure medical jewelry type fasteners.

Due to the nature of the powder-coating process, each piece will have it's own unique characteristics. (click for enlarged photo)